Hakeem is working hard to lower child care costs, health care costs, education costs and the skyrocketing price of life-saving prescription drugs. He proudly supported the American Rescue Plan and Inflation Reduction Act, which substantially reduced health care premiums. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare will be able to use its bulk purchasing power to negotiate down the cost of prescription drugs and the cost of insulin will be capped at $35 a month for Medicare recipients. The Inflation Reduction Act will also drive down Americans’ energy costs by helping families make their homes more efficient, cutting heating and cooling expenses, and tackling the climate crisis in a manner that will stem the tide of costly extreme weather events. Too many corporations are raising prices on consumers while padding their bottom lines, which is why Hakeem voted to crack down on price gouging by big oil and gas and agriculture companies. Hakeem will keep fighting to expand the Child Tax Credit to provide direct relief to working families with kids.