Criminal Justice

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee and the Bi-Partisan Task Force on Overcriminalization, Hakeem is committed to fixing the institutional flaws in the criminal justice system. In the wake of recent tragedies involving law enforcement and communities of color, he is fully dedicated to transforming pervasive public discontent into legislative action.

Hakeem is optimistic that Congress can make an immediate positive impact by reforming the grand jury system and introducing independent prosecutors in exceptional cases involving deadly force. Additionally, he understands that the most effective means of rebuilding trust and stability within communities is preventing such tragedies from taking place and tackling the problem at the source. For this reason, Hakeem is a strong advocate for community policing programs and enhanced law enforcement training.

Recognizing — and rooting out — the systemic inequalities that connect our lives is the core to establishing socio-economic progress. It is key to our ability to living our lives with dignity. That’s why Hakeem Jeffries is working to end over-criminalization in America and get people their humanity back with the First Step Act. This legislation has been decades in the making. Passed with bipartisan support, this is one of the first major criminal justice reform bills in American history to make retroactive changes to the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010.

It may often seem that overcoming our nation’s deeply rooted tensions and troubled past is an insurmountable task. However, the objective is simple and lies at the heart of American values and tradition. We must restore the balance between effective law enforcement on the one hand and a healthy respect for the Constitution and civil rights on the other.