Affordable Housing

Hakeem’s eagerness to tackle this issue dates back to his days in the New York State Assembly. As an Assemblyman, he fought against foreclosures, passed historic rent regulations for New York City, and helped transform empty luxury apartments into affordable homes for middle-class families.

Hakeem is a true champion on affordable housing. He knows that building and protecting affordable units for working and middle-class residents is an essential ingredient for the vitality of New York and other cities across the nation. Today, the lack of affordable housing in New York City continues to be a daily nightmare for residents, who face soaring rent costs and often times find themselves pushed out of their home communities.

Hakeem has continued his efforts to make a difference on this issue at the federal level, co-sponsoring the American Public Housing Act of 2013 and the Low and Moderate Income Housing Act of 2014. In his second term, he will continue to rally lawmakers and community leaders to address the affordable housing crisis.