Hakeem believes that in America, if you work hard and play by the rules, you should be able to provide a comfortable living for yourself and for your family, purchase a home, educate your children and retire with grace and dignity. Everyone, in every zip code, deserves equal access to this opportunity. Following the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn, Hakeem proudly supported a series of bold measures to turn the economy around and create millions of better paying American jobs. The American Rescue Plan rescued our nation from the economic crisis and set us on a path to create over ten million jobs, thousands of which are in New York’s 8th Congressional District. Subsequently, Hakeem helped pass the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, generating jobs and fixing our country’s crumbling roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, mass transportation systems, along with the CHIPS and Science Act to jumpstart American manufacturing and ensure our global competitiveness.