Chairman Hakeem Jeffries Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Hakeem is proud to stand with Planned Parenthood Action Fund and he’s thrilled to have their endorsement, especially when women’s reproductive rights are under attack.

The Supreme Court just announced that it will take up the case on a Louisiana abortion restriction that is nearly identical to a Texas case the Court struck down in 2016.

So what’s changed since 2016? Not clinics, nor the safety of abortion care — just the partisan makeup of the bench. The fact that part of the right-wing conservative agenda is to take away people’s reproductive freedom is a disgrace.

Now more than ever we much remain vigilant in protecting the progress women have made in our society. We cannot turn back the clock. - Hakeem Jeffries. Planned Parenthood Action Fund, endorsed. 2020.

If the Court defies its own precedent, Roe v. Wade’s protections will be rendered virtually meaningless, and the right to safe, legal abortion could be in serious jeopardy.

In Louisiana, this would leave one doctor to provide abortion care in the state. For the rest of the country, this would take us one step closer to making abortion impossible to access. We are not going back — not now, not ever.

Will you add your name next to Hakeem’s to protect our reproductive freedom?


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