Hakeem’s foremost priority since his arrival in Congress has been to create well-paying jobs for working and middle-class New Yorkers. Through his work on the House Budget Committee and House Judiciary Committee, he has been an active supporter of legislation to spur innovation, grow the economy and help small businesses succeed.

Hakeem is a strong progressive voice in Washington budget discussions. He has pushed Congress to invest in transportation and infrastructure, to protect unemployment benefits and to raise the federal minimum wage. In 2013, he sponsored legislation to protect students from higher interest rates on their college loans, allowing graduates to more successfully enter the labor market and contribute to the economy.

As an attorney, Hakeem knows that a strong economy also depends on strong legal protection for entrepreneurs in the copyright protection and intellectual property arena. IP protection safeguards the creativity and ingenuity of our business community, and allows us to sustain our global competitive advantage. Consequently, Hakeem played a vital role in passing the 2013 Innovation Act through the House, a patent reform bill designed to protect investors, start-up companies and tech entrepreneurs from abusive patent infringement tactics. In a deft political maneuver, Hakeem proposed an amendment that garnered broad bipartisan support, ultimately propelling the legislation to passage. He looks forward to continuing this work in the 116th Congress and beyond.