Nickelodeon: Kids Pick the President — Featuring Congressman Jeffries!
September 8, 2016


When asked about recess for school kids, the Congressman replied: “I’m all in on recess, all day every day.”

Congressman Jeffries Addresses the Democratic National Convention to Support Hillary Clinton

July 27, 2016

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“This November, America faces a clear choice between the most qualified nominee ever to seek the presidency and the least qualified nominee ever to seek the presidency. It’s choice between a Commander-in-Chief and a Bankrupter-in-Chief. It’s a choice between the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Hate. Donald Trump is a bounced check, but Hillary Clinton is money in the bank.”


MSNBC Rep. Jeffries on the need for gun safety legislation

July 8, 2016

What to Do About Guns? John Lewis Revives Civil Rights Tactic

By Richard Fausset | June 25, 2016

“Dr. King, John Lewis and the other participants in the civil rights movement had an objective to change America for the better, and there were those who were resistant and wanted to maintain the status quo,” said Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York, a 45-year-old African-American lawmaker who participated in the sit-in. These days, he added, “there are those in Congress, representative of both Republican leadership and rank-and-file members, who want to maintain the status quo and do nothing in the face of mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting.”

14 Young Democrats to Watch

By Frank Bruni | June 25, 2016

Jeffries, 45, serves as the whip for the Congressional Black Caucus. His district, which combines parts of Queens and Brooklyn, is overwhelmingly minority, and he has spoken out with particular force and frequency about police misconduct and abuses of power.

New York Times: Cheesecake and Turnstiles: Hillary Clinton’s New York Weekend

By Amy Chozick | April 10, 2016

There was no animosity on Saturday when Mrs. Clinton, accompanied by State Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley; Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York; and New York City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo, shook hands with mostly black New Yorkers at Junior’s, the iconic cheesecake hub on Flatbush Avenue in downtown Brooklyn.

MSNBC Rep. Jeffries on why he supports Clinton

April 1, 2016

New York Times: Mainstream Politics Can Achieve More Than Revolutionary Rhetoric

By Hakeem Jeffries | February 29, 2016

From the end of slavery to the defeat of Jim Crow, African-Americans have come a long way. As the mass incarceration era and continuing police violence demonstrate, there is still a long way to go. Jim Crow may be dead, but he has a few nieces and nephews who are alive and well.

New Yorker: Will music streaming kill songwriting?

By John Seabrook | February 8, 2016

There are already a few legislative initiatives under way, nationally—among them the Songwriter Equity Act, a bill first introduced by Doug Collins, a Republican from Georgia, and Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York, and then in the Senate by, among others, Orrin Hatch, who is himself a prolific songwriter. (Copyright issues make for strange political bedfellows.) It would amend two sections of the Copyright Act of 1976, to raise the rate songwriters get from streaming services.

Observer: Stringer and Jeffries Call on NYPD to Invest in ‘Smart Guns’

By Jillian Jorgensen and Will Bredderman | January 11, 2016

Comptroller Scott Stringer and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries urged City Hall today to add so-called “smart guns” to the list of approved weapons for NYPD officers—which they said would spur gun manufacturers to finally develop better safety technology to meet the demand.

“They’re not simply going to do the right thing: they trade in the currency of blood money. They are merchants of death, and the only way to combat it is with forceful economic power,” Mr. Jeffries, a Brooklyn Democrat, said on the steps of City Hall, where he and Mr. Stringer held a press conference with faith-based group Metro-I.A.F. “New York City, through the police department, is the largest municipal purchaser of firearms in the country—they have the ability to use its leverage to push the gun manufacturers to do the right thing and bring smart gun technology to America.”