Politico: ‘What Obama had, he has that’: Jeffries’ stock rises as Pelosi successor
By Heather Caygle, Rachael Bade, and John Breshnahan |  12/28/2018

Within minutes of Hakeem Jeffries winning a contentious House leadership battle, his supporters were already crowing that the New York Democrat was one day destined to wield the speaker’s gavel.

“What [Barack] Obama had, he has that. I call it lightning in a bottle,” said Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif.), who stumped for Jeffries ahead of the November party election. “I do think he’s somebody that could, with a few breaks, become our speaker and also our president. He has that talent.”

More than a few Democrats see Jeffries’ youth and Brooklyn swagger — he’s been known to quote rapper Biggie Smalls on the House floor — as the antidote for a caucus long ruled by a pack of old-school septuagenarians.


The bill that wouldn’t die: The unlikely story behind the criminal justice overhaul
by Jeremy Diamond and Alex Rogers, CNN | 12.21.18

A Democratic blockade

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries didn’t want to be seen at the White House.
The New York Democrat represents parts of Brooklyn, one of the most anti-Trump districts in the country, and he was wary about the message his presence at the White House would send. So in the spring, when Kushner asked Jeffries to meet him at his office in the West Wing, he and Rep. Cedric Richmond, the Louisiana Democrat who’s the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, refused. Instead, on March 22, Kushner came to them on Capitol Hill for breakfast. Jeffries, who had been working with Richmond on overhauling the criminal justice system for years, saw it as an early sign that Kushner was serious about the issue.
“It’s clear that some elements on the hard-left unleashed everything, including the kitchen sink, to try to stop the criminal justice reform effort in the House based on the worldview of all or nothing,” Jeffries told CNN. “In the House, we took the position that in order to break the back of the prison industrial complex we needed to begin with a significant, robust bipartisan effort around prison reform that could lay the foundation to get something done.”

Washington Post: Many Democrats want their leadership to look more like their voters. Is Hakeem Jeffries the answer?
by Eugene Scott | 11. 29. 18

But a big selling point for Jeffries is that he brings many of the qualities — ethnic diversity, new ideas and relative youth — that those hungry for a clear successor to Pelosi are seeking.

Jeffries was born in Brooklyn and worked in corporate law for CBS and Viacom before being elected to the New York State Assembly. In the House, he represents a New York district that includes Brooklyn and Queens.

As chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Jeffries will be fulfilling a dream of black lawmakers who came before him who eventually hoped to see more of their own among the top leadership.


New York Time: Hakeem Jeffries Emerges as New Face of House Democrats
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg | Nov. 28, 2018

Mr. Jeffries, a 48-year-old Brooklynite with a golden tongue, was elected by his fellow Democrats on Wednesday to the relatively obscure position of chairman of the House Democratic caucus. It is the No. 5 leadership spot, but Mr. Jeffries is now on the fast track, with the potential to make history as the first black speaker of the House.

“Hakeem represents the leading edge of a new wave of Democrats,” said Steve Israel, the former New York congressman and onetime chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “I think he tapped into a sense in the caucus that the next generation of leaders needs to begin crystallizing.”


Politico: Bipartisan odd couple racks up wins at House Judiciary
By Heather Caygle 06/05/2018

After the House passed its bipartisan prison reform bill late last month, GOP Rep. Doug Collins and Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries quickly met on the floor for a celebratory embrace.

Months of late-night calls, lobbying and tough negotiations had led to a whopping 360-59 vote — and the third piece of legislation Jeffries and Collins have ushered through the House together in a matter of months.


Nickelodeon: Kids Pick the President — Featuring Congressman Jeffries!
September 8, 2016


When asked about recess for school kids, the Congressman replied: “I’m all in on recess, all day every day.”

Congressman Jeffries Addresses the Democratic National Convention to Support Hillary Clinton

July 27, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 6.42.00 PM

“This November, America faces a clear choice between the most qualified nominee ever to seek the presidency and the least qualified nominee ever to seek the presidency. It’s choice between a Commander-in-Chief and a Bankrupter-in-Chief. It’s a choice between the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Hate. Donald Trump is a bounced check, but Hillary Clinton is money in the bank.”


MSNBC Rep. Jeffries on the need for gun safety legislation

July 8, 2016

What to Do About Guns? John Lewis Revives Civil Rights Tactic

By Richard Fausset | June 25, 2016

“Dr. King, John Lewis and the other participants in the civil rights movement had an objective to change America for the better, and there were those who were resistant and wanted to maintain the status quo,” said Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York, a 45-year-old African-American lawmaker who participated in the sit-in. These days, he added, “there are those in Congress, representative of both Republican leadership and rank-and-file members, who want to maintain the status quo and do nothing in the face of mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting.”

14 Young Democrats to Watch

By Frank Bruni | June 25, 2016

Jeffries, 45, serves as the whip for the Congressional Black Caucus. His district, which combines parts of Queens and Brooklyn, is overwhelmingly minority, and he has spoken out with particular force and frequency about police misconduct and abuses of power.